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I used Moving to Bexley to move me to my brand new bungalow. I didn't have loads of stuff, just an average amount. The employees who did the move were terrific. They helped with everything including the packing, loading and unpacking which was a huge help as I have bad arthritis. Having the all-inclusive service wasn't as expensive as I expected, and such a great help. The removal was done super fast and there were no delays, damage or loss. Great!

  • Jean Wood
  • 11Jan 2016

My house is a mad house at the best of times, so I simply didn't have time to plan my move. After finding the perfect house all I wanted was someone to come and do all the planning and shifting for me. Hiring BexleyRemovals allowed just that to happen. From the very first phone call they planned it all out for me and I didn't have to lift a finger. I can't thank the team enough for helping me in my time of need; I will be recommending them to friends in the near future for sure!

  • S Gibbs
  • 16Feb 2015

I work in the city and tend to move apartments pretty regularly. It's just me living on my own so I never have a great deal of stuff. But I only have a city sized car so it doesn't fit much in - especially not a couch! So using man with a van services from BexleyRemovals has always been the best bet. They have the most affordable prices in the city and always have good deals on. I wouldn't go with any other company.

  • Lauren A.
  • 14Jan 2015

When I was moving from Bath to London, I didn't have much to carry because I was a university student. My biggest problem was moving my sofa and table. Since most of my friends had left already and I didn't have a car, I decided to hire the man and van service from BexleyRemovals. Paul and his friend arrived right on time and helped me move down my stuff. They even did a good job maneuvering the sofa down the narrow staircase of my dorm! I am now going to call them for all my moving jobs.

  • Ainsley Simpson
  • 03Dec 2014

Moving house is something that I've always had a problem with. I'm too disorganised and every time I've tried to load up my car or van I've broken or smashed something. I didn't really have a lot of time to spend on my move this time around and so I hired a man and van from BexleyRemovals. I ended up spending a lot less than I thought I would on this service, and the help I got was friendly and professional. Moving was stress-free for the first time in my life and I'll be using this service again in the future!

  • Lizzie D.
  • 07Oct 2014

When you are looking for a removal company, I find that the best way is to find a company that seem to be onside in more than just a professional sense. I look for good characters, who I know are going to treat the job like it is their own home, and that is exactly what I got form BexleyRemovals last month. They were superb in ensuring that all went ahead a way that I understood and was happy about, whilst never letting me wonder why I was paying them their fee! An excellent removal from a really great team, many thanks to them.

  • Kenneth H.
  • 27Aug 2014

I had quite a strict timetable without much leeway for delays etc so it was vital for the removal men at BexleyRemovals to be on the ball during my moving day. I can happily say they were. I never had to hurry things along which I did with a previous removal company I had with my last move many years back. Here, the workers got on with it, the truck was loaded and unloaded in quick time and the preparation done previously by this firm obviously paid off. When it came to my removals overall, everything was as it should be and that's why I'm leaving a positive review here with added thanks.

  • G. Taylor
  • 13Aug 2014